Attention Authors

D. M. Kreg is seriously soliciting concepts, but not manuscripts. Any email inquiries that have an attachment will be deleted unopened.

At present we are only interested in working with authors who meet all of the following seven criteria:

  • You have published three or more books in a series with an established publisher. All books are in the 50,000 word range.
  • Your books have been proven to be mid-list sales performers. 
  • You have completed a new book in the series and it has been reviewed by your first reader.
  • You have been dropped by your publisher who is moving out of mid-list publications. 
  • The rights to at least three of the books in the series have reverted back to you. You have contractual evidence of this.
  • You have at least a small fan base of readers. 
  • You have serious ideas about how to market your series.

If you meet all of these criteria, please send a description of your series in 100 words or less to: