Our Company

D. M. Kreg focuses on entertaining fiction.  All of the books that we publish have the characteristics that make reading the right book so enjoyable:

  • Characters – The protagonists are people that the reader would like to know. They are real people.
  • Place – Settings that are memorable.
  • Story – he characters are involved in interesting situations that ultimately change their lives in some way.
  • Action – Things happen. The characters do much more than have intellectual conversations and think about the meaning of life.
  • Conclusion – There is a resolution of any and all problem situations.
  • Length – A nice leisurely weekend at the beach read as opposed to an entire summer commitment.

All titles are published in both electronic and trade paperback format to serve the preferences of a varied group of readers. Categories that we emphasize include mysteries of all sorts, traditional science fiction, women’s fiction, romantic suspense and paranormal and non-violent horror. We do not publish military science fiction, zombies, vampires, Christian fiction or erotica.