Rebecca S. W. Bates

Rebecca S.W. Bates writes speculative fiction.

She lives in Boulder, Colorado where she raised three daughters and taught Spanish. Now she writes full time and enjoys traveling as much as possible.

Her novels, The Signal, Prelude to Proxima and Sphinx of Centaurus are available from D. M. Kreg Publishing. Her science fiction story collections, Tough Mothers, The Time is Light, Sharing Sol and Tightropes Through the Eco are also available from D. M. Kreg Publishing.  

She has published several SF and fantasy short stories, most recently in Alien Aberrations, Infradead, Sorcerous Signals, and the Colorado Book Award nominated Broken Links, Mended Lives

Photo at Right:  Rebecca S. W. Bates enjoys sunrise at Machu Picchu.

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Publications:  Learn more and read selections with the following links.

The Signal:  Scientists are unable to decode messages from deepest space.  Shamans in primitive societies can decode the message but are dying for their effort.

Prelude to Proxima: He must save his ex-wife, save his daughter and save his planet. After that, he must join the first manned mission to another star system. 

Sphinx of Centaurus: 

Short Story Collections:  Stories set in the distant future.